Pre-assembly of a wind turbine for ENERCON in Welbergen | 25. September 2017

We started building the concrete elements of an E-141 with 129 m hub height at the Windpark Welbergen near Ochtrup for our customer ENERCON.

With one of our two LTM 11200-9.1, the responsible crane operators Thomas Sommer and Kevin Hellbach will pre-install the concrete towers of two turbines of this type for the planned project duration of 8 weeks.

Up to a height of 60 m, the concrete shells weighing up to 128 t are lifted with a 24 m luffing jib in the crane configuration T3YEVEN. Afterwards an extension of the lattice boom to 54 m is then required to set the "only" up to 60 t heavy elements up to the maximum lifting height of 104 m.

The proximity of the wind farm to the company location of the KVN in Osnabrück is pleasant for our colleagues, so that after a long absence on external construction sites, they can sleep "in their own beds" again for several nights.